Chanya has established a non-profit BeHappy Living to help those needy people to have a better and happier life.
Since I came to know you as a serious Vipassana meditator, you have been generously helping and supporting the meditation centers, financially as well as in kind. When we were performing the Maha Sangha Dana last year, others were doing as a group, but you were able to do it single handedly on behalf of the Thai community and in a manner far exceeding the expectations for such a historical event.
With such kind of generosity and energy, I am very confident that you will be able to successfully help all those needy people, to lead a happy and better life through your organization.
with Boundless Metta,
Tin Htoon

One of the Regular Trips to the Shelters and Food Banks with Avacodos and Oranges 

People We Impact

I have known Chanya for about 8 years, and have witnessed so many times that she has a big heart, and remarkable generosity, and humility. She loves to share the best she has with others. I manage a residential facility, and countless times we have received boxes filled with fresh picked fruits, avocados, and other things for the students, like sandals, boots etc. There wasn't ever a note announcing who sent it. I just figured it out over time that it was Chanya. She doesn't show off that she is helping. She helps strangers and she helps her friends; it doesn't matter. She does a lot of volunteer work, even in situations where it isn't easy. She is willing to sleep on the floor or in a hallway while she serves others. I have seen her once work long hours on her feet to bake bread for the residents at our facility. She has also helped me personally multiple times even when I didn't know her that well. I know I can ask Chanya for help because she is genuine and caring. She is someone with good intentions.


Dear Chanya

My wife and I are so grateful to you for hosting our wedding with such generous loving kindness. Your selfless service to all your friends is a huge inspiration and we wish you well with your new venture.

Lots of metta

Brian McNamara

I have known Chanya Longley for about 5 years through Vipassana meditation. She kindly hosted my cousin and I on a trip to Thailand. Her name and her face always remind me of all the kindness and generosity we experienced on this trip. I am sure that many people will benefit from the programs at her newly established organization.

Mahvash Harmidi

April 18, 2015 

BeHappy Living, Inc.
               a non-profit organization

Chanya Longley is one of the best, most sincere, most generous, and most devoted hosts that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing in action.  Her good will, integrity, compassion, and positivity are deeply inspiring!

Chanya Longley is a visionary.  She manifests her goals and dreams into reality with hard work, dedication, and intentional and purposeful action.  I would work with her any day of the week, and it would be my privilege to do so. 
I am incredibly impressed with Chanya's skills and dedication as a host.  She has gone out of her way with the purest of intentions and gone over and above what was required or expected in welcoming others into her home and generously making us all feel so welcome and at home ourselves.  She is one of the most sincere, generous, kind, welcoming, and devoted hosts I have ever met. 

Chanya is a rare being who helps others thrive and shine and grow.  She is truly one of the most sincere and well-intentioned people I have ever known.  She leads by example and hard work, and she is a wonderful inspiration to countless beings.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the inspiration that you are.  
Boundless mettā, Fahreen