Our Founder

Our Mission

BeHappy Volunteers worked hard on the construction of the new meditation hall. One of many other building to be constructed. BeHappy contributing to purchase of land, materials and food..



BeHappy living and students have been blessed with the presence of Dr. Ravindra Panth visiting from India to teach a Pali Course at our location in Temecula, California


Chanya Longley is our Founder and Executive Director of BeHappy Living. She has dedicated her life to Vipassana Meditation. and helping others.                

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​​​Behappy Living will Host at our Temecula Location 

A Pali Workshop with Klaus Nothinsgel ,This will be an 7 day  Pali workshop November 4th - November 12, 2023. ( Pali, Budha's Language) .Click the link above for more information and Register.

"For the Vipassana meditator the Literature of Pali is a store house of Dhamma: so sweet- like cake prepared with honey . Every word is full of ambrosia. I am sure this language is going to become very much alive" - S..N. Goenka

​​The Inter Mountain Vipassana Meditation Center in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho


Temecula, CA Anapana Meditation

Children's and teens Course at the BeHappy Living Estate, Temecula, CA

November 5th,2022 childrens course November 6th 2022 Teens course  

BeHappy Living, Inc.
               a non-profit organization

  BeHappy Living, Inc. is a charitable non-profit organization formed in 2015 to assist people in creating a better, more peaceful and more satisfying life, and to create a better world.

Our Mission and our Charitable Goals:

  •        Educate the public on the benefits of meditation, including meditation offered by Vipassana Meditation Center 
  •       Provide financial and other assistance  for the acquisition of land and the construction and development of new or existing Vipassana Meditation Centers
  •        Support the learning and understanding of Pariyatti, including the teaching contained in the  Pali Canon
  •        Provide financial  assistance to other non profits that focus on people in need around the world and locally.  (see OUR IMPACT page)
  •        Host retreats focused on meditation, Pariyatti, yoga, and healthy living
  •        Provide financial assistance to aid the homeless
  •        Provide financial assistance to food banks and shelters for those in need

We are a California 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation, with our office located in Orange County, California, and a retreat facility in Temecula (in Riverside County), California.